Traveling from Latitude 34 to the East Coast. First Stop- DC

At the end of May, the family and I embarked upon a trip to the East Coast that would last over a month. First stop- D.C.  First travel journal entry was also in D.C.

Since I write some poetry, I bought a leather bound lined journal in L.A. where I live, (which is situated at Latitude 34 on your globe, hence the blog name)  to record thoughts …maybe write some poetry…but, when I opened up the journal a few days later, recording the trip, filled the pages.  And, I found I liked writing about our escapades…a lot. I carried the journal, and a pen with me from D.C., to the Caribbean and Bahamas, and all the way up the East Coast to Maine. In the end, I filled 200 pages of the journal with heart felt nuances of the travel, road descriptions, postcards, maps, excellent foodie stops, laughter, and the pleasures of the trip and decided to share it.  So here goes. cropped-img_1199.jpgTravel with me as I post a photo and a paragraph or two.

Published by Pollinq

Dabble as an artist and poet, try to play guitar, enjoy bike racing, Beatles and Beat fan, ultrasonographer...oh and am a Poli Sci Professor too!

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