Diary beginning in May of 2018 while traveling with the Generations Tour

Posting on May 2, 2020 Dear Friends, Many of you don’t know that I went on a speaking tour a couple of years ago…and loved it.  Here are the diary entries and speeches that I gave. May 25th, 2018 Dear Diary, Here’s how my first day on the Generation’s Tour went. After, I write whatContinue reading “Diary beginning in May of 2018 while traveling with the Generations Tour”

Same Day Presidential Primary

Repost April 2020…Please note this work was an earlier piece, written for an academic audience, but I updated a few items and am republishing it as it is even more so relevant with the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Had we all gone to the polls on Super Tuesday, or even prior, with either Iowa or NewContinue reading “Same Day Presidential Primary”

When visiting Walden Pond, Bring a Swimsuit…bucket list cont.

Before attending university I visited Walden in book form.  Later, I was quite pleased when a college professor, way back when, assigned it as both, required reading, and material to draw from for a reflective essay.  At that time in my life, while re-reading Henry David Thoreau’s literary masterpiece, I decided some day I would visitContinue reading “When visiting Walden Pond, Bring a Swimsuit…bucket list cont.”

Bucket List Part Three: Monticello

Driving to Monticello from DC does not take more than a couple of hours. Monticello, which is Thomas Jefferson’s home,  is in Charlottesville, Virginia. The highway between DC and Charlottesville is smooth, more straight than windy, flanked by trees, and carpeted with ivy that reaches from the Virginia soil and spirals up and along theContinue reading “Bucket List Part Three: Monticello”

The Revelation that is Tomato Jam…Bucket List Part Two

After we’d seen many Smithsonians, the night before the rest of the group left from DC, we all went to a great restaurant, called The Mussel Bar and Grille, in Arlington, Virginia.  The restaurant, had come to me highly recommended from a gentleman that I know, and his suggestion delivered. While it’s name speaks seafood,Continue reading “The Revelation that is Tomato Jam…Bucket List Part Two”

Bucket List Items…Check. Part One.

For myself the trip up the East Coast was a long awaited wish list item. Subcategories of the East Coast wish list included seeing Smithsonian Museums, walking through Central Park in New York and seeing famed works of art at the  Museum of Modern Art, visiting Jefferson’s home Monticello, wandering about Walden Pond like HenryContinue reading “Bucket List Items…Check. Part One.”

How We Chose the East Coast

Last year while we were “rocking around our non-existent Christmas Tree,”  we decided after the numerous family college graduations, and we meant right after, we would head on a month long trip.  Initially, we set our sights upon Europe as a destination, and then quickly scrapped that thought, as not only did terrorism seem toContinue reading “How We Chose the East Coast”

Traveling from Latitude 34 to the East Coast. First Stop- DC

At the end of May, the family and I embarked upon a trip to the East Coast that would last over a month. First stop- D.C.  First travel journal entry was also in D.C. Since I write some poetry, I bought a leather bound lined journal in L.A. where I live, (which is situated atContinue reading “Traveling from Latitude 34 to the East Coast. First Stop- DC”